What is SEO and its Benefits

What is SEO and its Benefits

SEO is a method by which you ensure that your web site appears close to or at the top of the list of results that are produced as a result of an online search. The higher your ranking the more traffic you can expect to come to your site. SEO is an essential ingredient in building the popularity, traffic and overall sales of your website. Search engine optimization is categorized into two types: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Let’s take a look at on-page SEO.

This is when you improve your actual site in order to improve its SEO by altering things such as keywords, tags, the title and the actual content. One of the most important tasks that must be done in on-page SEO is to optimize the website for relevant keywords. Try to aim for a keyword density of 3% to 6% in your content; anything less than 3% may not be registered at all in the search engines, an anything more than 6% may register as spam, in which case you could be blocked or penalized by Google itself. For maximum search engine optimization, place your keywords in your title and position them at the beginning of the title instead of at the end if the title is a long one. The domain name for your site should also contain your keywords.

Understanding Off-page SEO

The first thing you need to know about off-page SEO is that it is unlimited. Off-page SEO involves creating special links, called backlinks) that lead from a source outside of your web site back to it. Unlike on-page SEO, which is limited to optimizing your site’s content, off-page SEO gives you an unlimited number of ways to create high-quality backlinks. You can create backlinks:

– Join and post on forums.

-Niche Forums

-Article marketing

-through pay-per-click or PPC advertising

– Other ads.

Ideally you should use all of these methods to build high-quality backlinks, however, you have to remember to be consistent in your approach and that can become a little overwhelming if you are not organized and focused. You want to use as many of these backlinking methods as possible, and you also want to create backlinks on a regular basis because you’ll get better search engine rankings when you backlink consistently. Articles and blogs should be updated once a day, this means add content to your blog daily while submitting a new article to directories each day. Once it becomes easy for you to meet your daily goal, start laying in a single forum post each day and then brush up on your various campaigns for PPC. The most important thing to remember when it comes to increasing your off-page SEO is to have a strategy of how many backlinks you are going to do per day and to stick to that. Begin slowly, remain consistent, and you will reap the rewards of excellent search engine rankings, as well as increased traffic to your web site. Do not alter your schedule for at least 5 months. You will see a big difference not only in the quantity of traffic that visits your website, but the quality of it as well, if you work to improve and increase both your off-page and on-page SEO.