What is the average range of U.S. crude oil inventories

What is the average range of U.S. crude oil inventories

Last week, hedge funds and other fund managers reduced their long positions in Brent and WTI crude oil by a total of 10,000 lots to 80,000 lots. This was the largest weekly reduction siWhat is the average range of U.S. crude oil inventoriesnce August last year and also since September last year. Minimum risk exposure. After accumulating a record net long position earlier this year, hedge funds have reduced their long oil positions for weeks.

Crude oil spot investment not only needs to stop loss but also stop profit, stop profit and stop loss are equally important: because the market always reverses suddenly, the market fluctuates very quickly, it can come out in a few minutes, and manual settings will be too late. Investors must strictly set stop-loss points and take-profit points, and always keep risks within the minimum range.

For crude oil spot investment, you need to bring your ID card and bank card to open an account, and employees of spot companies are not allowed to do it on your behalf. In spot crude oil investment, there should not be a phenomenon of employees overtaking their behalf. Formal exchanges and brokerage companies will strictly prohibit trading operations for investors and maintain the independence of customers. Investors must have a sense of self-protection and do not inform others of their accounts and passwords at will, so as to avoid trading losses.

According to Bloomberg's analysis, the oil market is already a bit burnt to cope with the collapse of Venezuela's oil industry and political turmoil in Libya. If Iran's crude oil exports are still to be made up, Saudi Arabia's idle production may be exhausted and it is impossible to continue to increase production. London Consulting Company Energy

After nearly a week of sharp declines, US crude oil finally ushered in a rebound. Although API crude oil inventories were mixed, they did not stop the rebound in oil prices, which greatly eased the short-term downward pressure on oil prices. However, the current oil price is still not out of the risk of falling, and the rebound is not supported by strong fundamentals. This trading day, investors also need to pay attention to the US EIA crude oil inventory data.

The reason why the United States has issued the exemption is to prevent major Iranian buyers from complaining to itself. In order to pretend, the exemption quota for countries is very small, only 60,000 barrels per day, and South Korea 200,000 barrels per day. , Japan 0 million barWhat is the average range of U.S. crude oil inventoriesrels per day.

Create more opportunities for US oil exports. In addition to OPEC and Russia, US crude oil also occupies a certain position in the world. Iran is the world's largest oil exporter and once it is blocked, other countries will look for an oil exporter that can replace Iran. Under threat, other countries are likely to import large amounts of US oil. According to Reuters, US crude oil exports to Japan and South Korea in September are expected to hit record highs. After losing customers, US crude oil exporters are offering substantial discounts to refiners in other Asian countries.