Fidelity Crude Oil Fund

Fidelity Crude Oil Fund

ozFidelity Crude Oil Fund, down more than $22 from the day's high. One of the most significant market risks in the

⑪ 16:00 Swiss ZEW investor confidence index in September

In June, the oil price initially rebounded to 40. At that time, it was predicted that the oil price would fluctuate and consolidate for a period of time, so it was still operating step by step; in July, after a month, it was found that the oil price was still consolidation and shock, so the hope of breaking through the shock was put on the situation of OPEC + production reduction in August; In August, with the change of the production reduction agreement, the oil price did not fall; at this time, the trading was suspended, and occasionally it was opened at 42.8, which did not bring any real income, and it dropped at most a few points. On August 19, to be honest, I did not care whether the crude oil rose or fell yesterday,

tell you that the trading market will always add to the icing on the cake, and it will never

large at present. Therefore, the short-term market estimation is still dominated by shocks.

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The recent good news of various vaccines has reduced the worries about the future epidemic