Bakken Crude Oil Price

Bakken Crude Oil Price

In addition, according to the Washington Post, the White House is reported to be discussing new penalties for Canada. This news caused the Canadian dollar to fall by more than 0 points in the shortBakken Crude Oil Price term. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected the US proposal for a bilateral trade agreement.

The Dubai Mercantile Exchange said in a statement that Saudi Aramco’s decision is a strong support for the DME Oman crude oil futures contract. DME launched the Oman crude oil futures contract in 2007, which is the largest crude oil futures contract in the Middle East and the highest in the oil market in the region. Effective and transparent price discovery mechanism and risk management tools. A Singaporean trader said that Saudi Aramco's decision could also improve the liquidity of Oman crude oil futures trading on the DME, and may also improve the liquidity of Oman contract derivatives to hedge or convert prices. Because Platts Aman cannot hedge, it will be more popular.

The sharp drop in international oil prices was mainly due to emergencies, which resulted in a daily reduction of nearly 10 million barrels of crude oil consumption, and the immediate suspension of production of oil-producing country American Oil. Analysts said that if crude oil inventories or emergencies do not make rapid progress, then negative oil prices may reappear within one month.

At the beginning of the second century, Iran was condemned by countries all over the world. Although the Iranian project appears to be a peaceful energy project, it is actually developing nuclear weapons. After the information was released, Iran was sanctioned. After several years of diplomatic lobbying, Iran negotiated with six major countries in the world, and in exchange for abandoning its nuclear program and allowing relevant agencies to inspect related facilities in the country, the international community finally lifted the sanctions against Iran.

The crude oil market has been bombarded by geopolitical risks recently, but analysts believe that the main theme of the crude oil market is still the curse of oversupply. Last week’s oil drilling data showed that U.S. crude oil production continued to increase. At the same time, the OPEC monthly report also showed negative signs. Today’s crude oil prices It may be difficult to achieve the 6th consecutive increase.

Iran signed the Iran nuclear agreement with the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and Germany in July 205. This agreement takes effect the following year and month. Trump announceBakken Crude Oil Priced his withdrawal from the agreement in May; other signatories oppose the unilateral withdrawal of the United States and seek to maintain and continue to implement the agreement.

Mackenzie data shows that oil and gas production in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is expected to hit a record high this year, reaching 500 million barrels. According to EIA’s forecast in April this year, the region’s output is expected to continue to grow this year and next year, accounting for 6% of the total U.S. crude oil production. It is expected that 0 Gulf of Mexico deepwater oil fields will be put into operation in 208 and 209.

Earlier, Trump had stated that he would cut Iran’s crude oil exports to zero by the end of the month; at the same time, the shutdown of Canadian oil sands facilities and domestic problems in Venezuela and Libya have led to a reduction in the expected supply of crude oil in these countries, triggering The market is concerned about the tightening of oil supply. U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Rick