What is crude oil trading today

What is crude oil trading today

is the What is crude oil trading todayanswer When it comes to risk control, it's not always the case, especially in gold.

In terms of news, the world's 10 million confirmed cases may cause countries to implement restrictive measures again, which is quite unfavorable for the crude oil demand side and will suppress the optimism of crude oil.

scope, which means that the crude oil market will face the impact of new supply of about 2

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Gold this week's mixed news, which makes gold prices into a wide range of shocks. At present, the mainstream of the market is to restart the economy in Europe and the United States. The recovery of the economy will weaken the demand for gold to avoid danger. In addition, the lifting of blockade measures and the start of refineries will increase the production of gold. The recovery of transportation industry in the future will increase the flow of gold. This overall is not good news for gold.

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41.20 on June 22, and after the breakthrough, it will go up to 41.60 on June 23, then 42.00