International crude oil market

International crude oil market

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U.S. crude oil has continued to fluctuate upward since Monday, and has been at a high level.

enterprise market index narrowed. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was down 1.95%,

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As for crude oil, it's OK to look for long-term crude oil. If the short-term is shaken, it

Yesterday's real group crude oil successfully bottomed, profit reached 43.57 near the line, yesterday's crude oil rise is the recent market continuity is relatively strong one trading day, which makes many investors think that crude oil will rise again, my analysis is not, today's morning API inventory reduction benefits crude oil rise, evenInternational crude oil market so, we still need to pay attention to the current market expectations, the us to August 21, the week EI A crude oil inventory may decrease by 3.5 million barrels. If the released data exceeds the expectation, the oil price may fall for a short time; if the inventory data is not as expected, the oil price is expected to strengthen.

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million tons, a decrease of 15%. In November, China's coal imports amounted to 4.59 billion